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Reliable Caulking and Waterproof Coating Services in Atlantic Canada

Defective caulking can expose properties to a wide range of possible problems, such as air loss, mould, mildew, condensation, increased dust and insects penetrating inside, and leaks. You should replace your caulk as soon as a sign of failure appears. We can also do inspections on Caulk Joints.

Premium Caulking Inc. offers fully-insured comprehensive commercial and industrial caulking and waterproof coating services in Atlantic Canada at competitive prices. As caulking contractors with a reputation for quality craftsmanship, reliability, and decades of combined experience in the caulking industry, we go the extra mile to provide our clients with the top-quality professionalism they expect. See our work in detail.

What Do We Offer?

By focusing exclusively on the exterior and interior caulking for industrial and commercial buildings, we guarantee the best value for your investment. Premium Caulking Inc. has extensive experience in the application of all types of caulking systems, including:



Sealing cracks and expansion joints in sidewalks and slabs eliminate water infiltration, thus extending the life of your sidewalks, slabs, or foundations.

Joint Filling

Slab and Foundations

Interior slab joint fillers are used to prevent the concrete from spalling. Warehouse downtime for repairs interior slab joint fillers can be minimized by using the proper joint fillers.

Structural Glazing/Cap Beads

Structural Glazing

Structural Glazing is a building system of Sealing glazing to the structure of a building using the proper engineered silicones.

Windows (Exterior and Interior)


Protect your building from water infiltration whether it’s new build, or existing building we offer top of the line sealants for all applications.

Heritage Projects


Caulking of Stonework, stone stairs and heritage buildings.



Skylights can be a source of leaking. Make sure that they are sealed with the proper sealants to protect your building from unexpected damages.


Stone Stairs

Sealant at your stone, granite, and marble panels eliminates water infiltration, extending the life of your building’s cladding system.

Sunroom Caulking


Keep your sunroom dry by properly maintaining the sealant of the sunroom system.

High-Rise Caulking


We have the experience and equipment to complete any project of any size.

Granite and Marble

Stone Stairs

Sealant at your stone, granite, and marble panels eliminates water infiltration, extending the life of your building’s cladding system.

Smoke Seal / Firestopping


Ensure the integrity of your building with firestop and smoke seal systems. We work with top quality firestop and smoke seal suppliers and ensure that we are installing firestop and smoke seal systems to the most current engineered systems available on the market

Log Home Chinking

Log Home Chinking

We install log home chinking, a vital component to ensuring that your log home system doesn’t leak.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Minimize the cost of potential damages to your property by ensure that your sealants are properly maintained. We offer systems to protect your building for any application.

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool

Protect the integrity of your pool from damage caused by expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, with specialty caulking.

Control and Expansion Joints

Control Joints

Control joints are an engineered joint assembly designed to protect against expansion/contraction and vibration.

Restoration and Sealers


Enhance the integrity and beauty of your restoration projects by removing old wore out sealants and installing our top quality sealants.


Through our exterior and interior caulking services, we want to help people prevent structural and weather damage to their commercial property for years to come. We have the best equipment to caulk your buildings and protect them from damage. Whether you are a real estate manager or a project manager, we strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

Once you know the type of caulking or waterproof coating service you need, contact us to discuss volume and pricing.

We are experts in firestopping.